We’re in Business

Having recently been appointed as President of the ASO, and planning for the future of my practice, there were a number of competing pressures for my time.

Smile Partners provided the opportunity for me to sell the practice that I had built over 20 plus years, and the flexibility to balance my time seeing patients with my responsibilities to the ASO.

They have added new systems and processes to those we had already, but have always aimed to maintain Ocean Orthodontics’ unique brand and identity.

12 months on and we are currently planning for the next step of transitioning in a new doctor. As we continue to work closely together, I am confident that this process will lead to a bright future for the practice, moving forward, as I step back.

- Dr Pat Hannan, Ocean Orthodontics, Warana

Owning my own specialist practice has always been an ambition, but finding the right opportunity or starting from scratch is difficult. Smile Partners provided the opportunity to take over a strong, established practice but with support on the various business and practice management aspects. They helped me to transition into the practice, build a strong relationship with the staff, make the changes needed to suit the way I like to work, all while ensuring my complete clinical autonomy.

When the long-term principal orthodontist in an established practice retires, the practice often declines. In our first 18 months working together, we have grown the practice by over 20%.

- Dr Hash Popat, Braces n Faces Orthodontics, Melbourne

Having been part of Smile Partners for just over two years, we have been really impressed with their approach and the quality of service we receive. I work very closely with their regional manager for Victoria, and she is an absolute pleasure to deal with – professional, responsive, and has formed a great relationship with me and everyone at the practice.

The relationship feels like a true partnership, as they go out of their way to make sure they understand our issues, our points of view, and what we as a practice want to achieve. We receive tailored strategies, and solutions that work for us, and the result has been the best 12 month production result since we started the practice nearly 20 years ago. I really have no idea how practices and owners managed to get through Covid-19 without Smile Partners!

- Michelle Baker, Owner & Practice Manager, Knox City Orthodontics, Melbourne

Want to Sell?

A clearly defined succession plan provides you with the comfort and assurance of knowing that your practice, patients and community will remain in safe and capable hands.

  • Continued success
  • Flexible transition
  • Lifestyle
  • Clinical freedom
  • Financial certainty

Want to Own?

The flexibility, independence and prestige associated with owning your own clinic can bring professional and personal fulfilment and, for many orthodontists, is the culmination of a lifetime’s ambition.

  • Established practices
  • Business & management support
  • Track record of success
  • Utilising technology
  • Clinical freedom
  • Community & mentorship

Want A Partner?

Ensuring that your practice remains successful, cutting edge and continues to grow is a daunting prospect, particularly as orthodontics becomes more and more competitive. Smile Partners provides the solution, by becoming your long-term business partner. We take responsibility for the business and management side of the practice, to allow you to focus on what you do best – treating patients.

  • Track record of success
  • Retain autonomy
  • Tailored solutions
  • Clinical freedom
  • Lifestyle
  • Community & mentorship

Our locations

The Smile Partners group comprises 35 specialist orthodontic clinics, located across six states and territories.

  • Innovation
  • Partnerships
  • Community
  • Flexibility
  • Professional Freedom